Jordan M. Joy PhD(c), CSCS, CISSN There are a few hallmarks of a bodybuilder who has made it to the upper echelons of the sport. Big muscles and low body fat, of course, but also their veins always look like the road map of a town without a city planner, all different directions, big ones, … read more

  IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the seated cable row Grip handles, thumbs over, hands about shoulder width apart Bring the shoulder blades together with each repetition Allow lats to stretch on each downstroke At upper end of movement torso is at 90 degrees to legs Knees should be slightly bent Don’t lock legs Keep … read more

Gabriel Wilson, PhD., CSCS Energy supplements are a leading category in sports nutrition, with millions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and gym rats relying on stimulant-loaded supplements to fuel their workouts. Recognizing the ever-competitive pre-workout market, some supplement companies have resorted to extreme doses of stimulants, even approaching up to 600mg of caffeine. When does it … read more

Chris Hogan didn’t start out as an obvious champion. He played both football and lacrosse at college but when he tried to make it on a professional level, luck just wasn’t on his side. He joined the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2011 and went on to be signed by the San Francisco 49ers, the New York … read more

When many of us think of bodybuilders, we imagine impossibly large men with ballooned, veined muscles reaching almost unearthly proportions, but when the phenomenon first started out two centuries ago, the aesthetics required were totally different. Western lifting dates all the way back to the late 19th century when strongmen in Europe would show off … read more

BCAA-XL delivers a 10:1:1 leucine-loaded BCAA ratio with 5g of branched chain amino acids including over 4g of anabolic supporting leucine, which is 19% more than the leading brand. Leucine is an amino acid crucial in helping stimulate muscle growth, strength and recovery. This sugar-free, delicious and refreshing cocktail can be enjoyed before, during or … read more

IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the leg press Place feet slightly above center about shoulder width apart Descend until leg bends to at least 90 degrees or lower Breathe out with each downstroke Push from the heels Don’t lock knees at the top of the movement Keep a firm grip on handles Be sure to … read more

  Try this advanced all-in-one chest and back workout Max weight = weight with which you can do no more than 10 reps Incline chest press machine 20 reps @ 50% max weight 15 reps @ 75% max weight 10 reps @ 100% max weight 20 reps @ 50% max weight Seated row 20 reps … read more

IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the cable crossover exercise Place the pullys in a high position Step forward and bend slightly forward Stretch and contract the pectoral muscles fully on each repetition Keep a slight bend at the elbows Movement occurs only at shoulder joint Arms and torso remain stationary